Cinnamon Girl Clinic | SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation)
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SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation)

Introducing SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation). A new service exclusive to Cinnamon Girl Clinic.
Who is a candidate?

Men who want to have that “just shaved” look instead of bald spots or receded hair line.

Men who wear their hair short and have had a transplant and want to camouflage the scar or harvested area.

Women and men suffering from alopecia.

Women who have female pattern hair loss or thinning hair along the part line that would like to decrease the contrast between scalp and hair. Preferably people with dark hair.

Who is not a candidate?

If you are a man wanting to build up your hairline but not wanting to shave your head you may not be a candidate as the SMP impressions on the hairline vs. natural hair may not blend and appear natural. People with very light colored hair may not be candidates due to the dark color of pigment used. It can make too much of a contrast on your skin vs. your hair.

Does it hurt?

The pain is very minimal and most people find it almost soothing however topical anesthetic can be applied to the scalp before and during the treatment if desired.

How long does it last?

We use a permanent ink that will last a lifetime, however due to the ink being on the top of your head it is exposed to the sun much more than other parts of your body the sun exposure can cause the pigment to fade over time. After the completion of your SMP treatment we recommend 2-5 year touch ups to correct any fading.

What colors do you use?

We use a pure black carbon tattoo pigment. All hair, even grey and blonde, at the scalp level appears black to the eye. We dilute the black pigment down according to your natural hair color. Black pigment when deposited into the skin at the proper depth will not turn blue and at most will fade to a light black or dark grey over time.

Can you do SMP over a scar?

YES! SMP is a great option to cover scars. We blend the pigment into the existing hair and over the scar to make a seamless transition of the white or light colored contrast of a scar into the dark color of the hair.

How long does it take?

We prefer to see each client at least 3 times to assure maximum coverage. Depending on the size of the area appointment length may vary. We also recommend a touch up within the first year after your completed SMP.

What colors do you use?

There is very minimal aftercare needed. There may be some redness of the scalp for 2-3 days post treatment and the scalp may become itchy during that time as well. You can apply coconut oil or a non scented moisturizer to the area gently to ease the itch. Direct sun exposure is not recommended for the first 7 days. Do not soak your head or expose it to a hot tub or swimming pool for 7 days. You can wash your hair the day after after a normal.


Helping people feel their best has always been my passion.

Using her 5 + years of hair restoration experience along with training with leading scalp micro-pigmentation artists Amy is able to achieve a natural and sustainable look for her clients. Amy has worked as a surgical assistant specializing in hair transplantion surgery, working alongside and training with doctors from all over the world. Amy’s extensive background in hair restoration enables her to have a keen eye for detail and an understanding for the medical and cosmetic side of hair down to the follicular level. After becoming interested in the beauty industry she obtained her certification in eyelash extensions, both classic and volume. With a strong medical background, health and safety standards when working with clients is very important to her.